Siddharth Vashishth

By April 5, 2018
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Hello I am siddharth and I had thinning of hair for many years. Let me tell you something about me. I am an engineer and love playing tennis. I met Dr. Shail on the tennis court. We became friends and started playing together. I know him for last 2 years now. He is very passionate about tennis just like me. The more I know him the more I like him. I came to know about different aspects of his personality. He is a musician. He writes and composes songs. He is a very passionate singer. I heard many of his songs, some of which are on social issues. The one on female feticide is very touchy.

I knew that he is very inspirational on the tennis court but came to know about the fact that he is a subconscious healer and he motivates and is instrumental in bringing positive changes in his patients lives. He is so good about his work that we were a group 10-12 players playing in the same club and he had done hair transplant for 2 of the mates. I didn’t even know that they had a transplant at all. It looks so natural that I couldn’t believe it. He is equally passionate about his work too. I got a session of PRP treatment done by him and the results are awesome. His artistic skills are very much visible in his work too.

I am writing this not just because he is my friend but really I feel he can be a great help to people who are looking forward to have effective solution for their hair problems.