Ajaz Khan

By April 5, 2018
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“Love Yourself”, the very slogan of Satya Hair Transplant Clinic, was the magical phrase that made me dabble into the prestine precincts of this very serene phrase once I happened to blow up the home page of Satya website for the first time. After hanging out with several pages of the website the aura, that I had started to cherish by the magic of the very magical phrase “Love Yourself”, had still not dissipated.

The devoutness and sincerity that I found in the slogan drew me to the premises of Satya Clinic from my drawing room located around 1100 kms away from it. And here I go. The imagination that I had captured by “Love Yourself” phrase started to reach its fruition after a detailed checkup of my hair, having started to fall, by none other than Dr. Shaiil Gupta himself. It was a pleasure to meet him. It never turned to a traditional doctor-patient meeting rather, from start to end, it just was a meeting of two individuals sharing ideas on diversified topics ranging from hairloss treatment to music.

Satya Clinic would not have formed by the twinkling of an eye. However, it would have got life by sheer dedication, devotion and fortitude by its founders. What sets them apart is how they treat patients. That is remarkable.

I wish let they keep helping people in bringing back their confidence and smile. And let they keep sharing with people the very glory of “Love Yourself”.