We all are manifesting every single moment of our life. Most of us manifest our fears, but only a few manifest their dreams.This is because of the conditioning of our subconscious mind. Most of us are fed with comparisons in each and every aspect of our life. Initially, the society does it for us, later on, we don’t need the society and become self-sufficient. Then we start idolizing people and try to be like someone. In doing so we lose our identity. This way we are always at war with ourselves. Our life which had immense potential to blossom like a flower becomes stale. So, the key lies in our subconsciousness.

Dr. Shail Gupta understands this very well and has devised a system which integrates the traditional allopathic medicines with the subconscious healing. The combined effect of these two really does miracle. By this supercharged technique, Dr. Gupta cures his patients and he uses this technique in his hair transplant surgeries. That is the reason why our transplant results stand out of the crowd.We have been instrumental in bringing magical transformation in our patient’s lives.

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