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Skin is such an important organ of our body. Face is the window through which society sees us. So is not difficult to understand why the looks and facial skin becomes so important for everybody. We ourselves recognise us through the facial features only. Who would not love to have perfect flawless skin?

People keep on trying different treatments, facials or so many beauty creams etc without even knowing what the real problem is. Sometimes patients come to me having problems with their skin colour or with the scars or the pores or pigmentation. Sometimes it could be the signs of ageing troubling them like sagging of skin, prominent skin folds or wrinkles. Sometimes they don’t exactly know what’s wrong, but something is missing in the skin which they want to restore.

Skin problems can’t be seen separately from the body, as skin is also the part of body & the body, mind & soul are interlinked. I always believe in holistic approach as the real glow comes when it comes from within. If you are unhappy & sad from within, external treatments are not going to help much. What we eat also matters a lot.

I try to give my patients the benefits of science, art & spirituality all together to achieve the best outcome. One important fact which I have noticed in almost two decades of dermatology practice, the lack of self acceptance in most of the people. They want to change something about themselves, which they don’t like or perhaps strongly dislike. Treatment of the physical aspects of skin problems really helps us to bring back the faith & self acceptance in a person, which can later be bloomed to self love & eventually leading to the spiritual evolution of the person.

Things to Know

Skin treatments have come a long way in last decade. The machines and the technology has come ages. We use all US FDA approved machines & technologies for skin treatments. There are different types of lasers for different indications. We have CO2 laser continuous & fractional mode which is used to remove moles, warts, skin tags or other skin growths. The fractional mode is used to treat scars or rejuvenation of skin & it even works in some pigmentary conditions.

We have IPL or intense pulse light laser, which serves multiple purposes like used in facial rejuvenation, acne treatment, pigment removal & even hair removal. Nd yag q switched laser both continuous and fractional mode is another ground breaking technology used to treat pigmentary nevus, birth marks, pigmentary disorders, tattoo removal or the fractional mode is used for tan removal, general glow & rejuvenation purpose. Diode laser for hair removal is a time tested treatment, where we have stamping mode as well as running mode to make the hair removal experience pain free.

MNRF or micro needling radio frequency, Non ablative radiofrequency, microdermabrasion, hydra facial, dermafrac, derma roller, HIFU or high intensity focused ultrasound, narrow band UVB phototherapy, PRP or vampire facelift, mesotherapy & chemical peels are some treatments which are very popular and useful in addressing most of the skin issues.

Besides this aesthetic treatments like Botox, fillers & thread lifts are also very popular and useful depending upon the requirement.

A person who is coming to me for beautification purpose, wants to change something about them, which could be a scar or pigment or fine lines or wrinkles or acne or undereye circles etc. Sometimes it is a kind of negative emotion like sadness, tiredness, anger etc which their face is expressing even at neutral emotions. Sometimes they just know the symptom or the outcome, for which cause has to be found out. This needs skill, this needs eyes to see the beauty & imagination how to create more pleasing and aesthetically appealing appearance. Many a times patients have already tried many treatments before coming to me & obviously which did not satisfy them.

I personally feel that it is very important to understand the psychology of that patient, their social & cultural believes also have an important part to play in this. I try to understand their expectations & their real problems. There are a lot of things which I believe & I have seen in my practice of about 2 decades, can be corrected even without any treatment. Their self acceptance is something which is highly dented by the past events in life. So I work on their lifestyle, diet & the subconscious brain simultaneously to achieve the happiness which they were actually looking for.

This is possible only with compassion and that builds up a relation of trust between me and my patient. Coming to the treatments, there are a lot of options to chose from as the technology is so vast and advanced these days. Collagen induction treatments, lasers, fillers, peels, light therapy, botox, PRP, thread lifts and many other treatments are there which have to be used cautiously & selectively to get the most appropriate results. All the treatments have to be customised according to the patient. One formula is not going to work for everybody. So as a doctor I have to train myself in all the latest technologies so that I can pass on the benefits to my patients.

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