Vinay - FUT 3000+ FUE scalp 800+beard 800

Mr. Vinay had baldness affecting the middle portion of scalp and crown. He had little curly hair.

His minimum requirement was around 4500 grafts. But the maximum number of grafts which could be taken out by FUT alone was 3000 & FUE alone was 2000. Doing FUE alone was obviously not the choice.

So we opted for a combination of FUT and FUE. A total of 4600 grafts were done on 2 consecutive days.

His head wasn’t shaved off to minimize social downtime. It takes slightly longer time to perform the surgery without shaving off, but we ensure that our patients have the best of the experience.

Unique about Vinay’s case:

In this case, grafts were put in the thinning zones. When grafts are put in the thinning zone, shock hair loss can be a problem. So PRP was combined with the procedure in a unique way so that grafts also become charged and the existing hair is also retained. Frontal hairline was sort of retained. Temple areas were created on both the sides to make the transplant look very natural.


After 4 Months

After 6 Months

After 8 Months