Usmaan - FUT + FUE

He had 3 hair transplant surgeries done prior to coming to us. His previous transplants were a failure and had left behind a huge circular scar in the frontal area. There was a lot of scarring there. His donor area was very thin and was almost completely destroyed by previous surgeries.

A combination of FUT + FUE was performed in his case to get optimal results. It was really a very challenging case. His case was very nice and artistically done by Dr. Shail Gupta.

Unique about this case:

Besides scarring and shortage of donor hair the results were good. We faced a lot of problems while doing the surgery like scarring, bleeding, and thin grafts. After 8 months the growth of hair was pretty good. His hairline looked absolutely natural and the patient was very satisfied. Now he has started gymming and you can see the overall change in his personality.


After 15 Days

After 5 Months

After 7 Months

After 9 Months