Sunny : 4000 grafts

This is a case of traction alopecia due to the turban. In most of the Sikh patients, this is a very common finding. The most characteristic feature of this pattern of hair loss is that the temple area is also destroyed along with the frontal region. We did FUT 4000 grafts in a single session and the results were amazing.

Unique about this case:

Sunny was a model and had a particular kind of hairstyle in his mind, which he always used to dream of. Patients with traction alopecia have a lot of scarring, unlike that of androgenetic alopecia. So in these cases, a special technique is used to make the slits and implant the grafts, which can really make a huge difference in the final results. Temple area was created in the most natural way using the patented “MIMIC NATURE HAIRLINE” by Satya.


After 15 Days

After 4 Months

After 5 Months

After 7 Months

Sunny Procedure and Results