Sandeep: 2500 DSFT

Sandeep had baldness affecting the crown, front and sides. He had excellent donor area and very dense hair. Did you notice that in the ‘before’ pictures of our patients, we don’t shave off their head? In an FUE surgery, it is necessary to shave off the head but showing shaved off pictures in the before images can be very misleading for the viewers.

You can see in the 3 months post op pictures the growth has begun in the areas where grafts were planted. Serial images & pictures taken from different angles also make the work look more authentic, which is important. Just one before & one after image can be misleading.

Unique about this case:

His graft requirement was around 3500 grafts. His donor area would have given us that many grafts easily with FUE or FUT. Since Sandeep opted for DSFT (advanced & patented version of FUE technique), we wanted to preserve his donor area for future. So, we did only 2500 grafts, leaving behind an area in the center for future strip surgery. His FUT strip could have easily given us 4500+ grafts, while for 2500 FUE only we had to consume a lot of areas.

Grafts were placed in such a manner that they were more on the parting side and less on the other side. You can see by placing the grafts in a strategic manner we can get more coverage and still preserve the donor area. Hair transplant leads to a long-term relationship between the patient and the surgeon. We believe in delivering our patients the best and most customized treatment according to their needs.


After 15 Days

After 2 Months

After 5 Months

After 6 Months

After 8 months

Sandeep Procedure and Results