Sameer - 2000 SDFT (FUT)

Sameer  had baldness affecting the sides & the hairline. It was grade 3 baldness. He was very much concerned about it. He had good & thick donor hair & needed around 2000 grafts for the coverage. His graft requirement would have been covered with either of the method (FUT or FUE). In order to preserve the donor area for future use, he preferred going for a FUT surgery. We did an advanced version of FUT, called SDFT(Secure donor follicular transplant), which not only helped us to secure his donor for future use but also gave us very thick quality grafts.

Unique about Sameer’s case:

He didn’t want people to notice that he was undergoing the transplant procedure. So the technique which we used, allows us to do the transplant in such a way that we don’t have to shave off the donor. Everything was done in a way that his social downtime was minimized. His temple area was also created in a very nice way. The results were fantastic & he had an excellent hairline.


After 15 Days

After 3 Months

After 6 Months

After 9 Months