Salman : 1200 grafts

Salman had baldness affecting the sides. There was thinning of hair throughout the scalp especially in the frontal region. He was a model
and wanted a very nice looking hairline design. We did 1200 grafts by DSFT technique. The entire procedure was done without shaving off his
head completely to minimise the social downtime. Final results are just awesome.

Unique about this case

An advanced modification of FUE was used in his case called DSFT (Direct Stimulated Follicular Transplant). This technique makes sure that the grafts are of highest quality and uptake is very high. These hair grow faster than the usual FUE technique. It also helps in reducing the shock hair loss which is very handy. We did a few sessions of PRP later on for sustenance of his existing hair.


After 1 Month

After 6 Months

After 8 Months

After 10 Months