Nisha : 2000 FUE

This patient had a receded hairline. The quality of hair was good & donor area was also dense. We did a FUT surgery of 2500 grafts.
Hairline had been created in such a way that it looks feminine. This kind of hairline is totally different from what we create for males.
You can see in the 15 days post op pictures the grafts have been taken up well & increased in length. 2 months post op picture shows that the grafts have fallen.

Unique about Nisha:

The patient was a transgender, converted from male to female. She wanted to make a feminine hairline. The patient was on hormonal treatment as well. Such case is a very challenging case and we have to take care of her existing hair as well. Hormonal therapy helps in such cases. The final result was really very nice giving her a good natural looking feminine hairline.


After 15 Days

After 2 Months

After 7 Months

After 9 Months