Irfan : 3000 Grafts DSFT

Irfan had baldness affecting the frontal region. He had already taken a transplant session somewhere else & the results were not good. His donor density was good and the quality of hair was also thick. We did 3000 grafts by DSFT method (an advanced version of FUE), which maximizes the yield and gives us best quality grafts. The surgery was done in one session.

Unique about Irfan:

He had already done an FUE surgery somewhere else & there was hardly any growth. So there was a lot of scarring in the donor area as well as recipient area. As usual, the scarring makes the surgery difficult in every aspect. The angles of the grafts in the donor area change because of the previous extraction. There were some grafts which were incorrectly placed in the recipient area, which we had to extract also. DSFT tm (advanced version of FUE) technique is very useful in such cases. This not only minimizes the graft transaction rate but also makes sure that the graft uptake is excellent and we get thicker hair growth than ordinary FUE surgery.


After 3 Months

After 6 Months

After 9 Months