Dhruv - 3500 FUT (SDFT)

Dhruv had baldness affecting the crown area. There was thinning in the middle of the scalp. In the frontal area, sides were also thinned out. His graft requirement was high, close to 3500, as the crown area needs a lot of grafts to fill. His donor hair quality was good. That many grafts were not possible with FUE surgery. So we did an SDFT tm (advanced version of FUT technique). This advancement helps to secure the donor scar and maximizes the use of donor area, thus helping to preserve donor for future use.

Unique about Dhruv:

He had two whorls (round areas) in the crown. Usually, most of the people have one whorl. Creating a natural looking whorl pattern is always difficult and requires a lot of artistic skills. A lot of clinics deny doing the transplant in the crown area, mostly such clinics are the only FUE clinics as it is impossible to get that many grafts by FUE alone. In his case we created only one whorl to make it look natural and to reduce the number of grafts required to fill it. It really came out beautifully.


After 15 Days

After 6 Months

After 8 Months