Dharmender - 3000 FUT

Mr. Dharmender had baldness affecting the frontal region, temples, crown and there was thinning in the middle part of the scalp. Graft requirement in a particular case depends upon the type of hairline we want to create. If the donor area and budget allow hairline can be brought down, but obviously the graft requirement will increase in that case.

We did 3000 grafts by FUT method in his case. It was done without shaving off his head so that the social downtime could be minimized.

Unique about Dharmender’s case:

We brought the hairline little down & created nice temples. We also did filling in the crown and middle part of the head. In this case, the filling was done in the already existing hair, in the zones which were thinned out. So PRP was combined with transplant by unique Satya technique. In the fourth month itself, we noticed significant changes and a nice shape of temples started coming. The scar was barely visible. A lot of positive changes in the lifestyle and attitude of the patient were also noticed throughout his journey, which was very encouraging. We thank Mr. Dharmender for making us a part of his journey towards positivity.


After 2 Months

After 4 Months

After 5 Months

After 7 Months

After 10 Months