Archana : 2000 FUE

This patient had baldness affecting the sides of the scalp. Her donor hair was thick and the density was also good. We did an FUE surgery of 2000 grafts in one session. The donor area was shaved off in such a manner that nothing was visible & we didn’t shave off her head in the front. This was done to minimize her social downtime.

Unique about Archana:

She had this kind of hairline since birth, because of which she could not style her hair in the way she wanted & used to feel very conscious about it. This is a little unusual pattern in females. Mostly female patients have the involvement of central & frontal scalp. So in this patient, we also had to take care of her existing hair with medicines & PRP. Now Archana can style her hair whatever way she wants to & looks amazing.


After 1 Month

After 2 Months

After 9 Months

After 1 Year

Archana Procedure and Results