Animesh - 3500 FUT

Animesh had grade 5 baldness going into grade 6. His graft requirement was almost 6000-7000, considering the fact that his donor hair was thin. In such cases either we have to combine FUT and FUE or also use body hair along with scalp. Had we done only FUE from the scalp, as was suggested to Mr. Animesh by many other clinics, we would have got 1800-2000 grafts only from the safe donor zone.

Ideal approach in such cases is to go stepwise, where we do a FUT surgery in the 1st step followed by either 2nd FUT or FUE after 6 months. In his case, we did a FUT surgery (3500 grafts) in the frontal area only leaving behind the crown in one session.

Unique about Animesh:

In Animesh's case, the forehead was very broad & the temples were gone giving him an older look. So while designing hairline for him, special care was taken to create his temples. PRP was combined with the transplant by unique Satya technique to maximize the results. As you can see in his images, the area where transplantation wasn’t done (the band between front and crown) also improved significantly. In his 6 months combing video, you can see how nice and naturally the area has been filled.


After 15 Days

After 2 Months

After 6 Months

After 9 Months