Music is all about creativity. There is no doubt that music has a life form of its own. It is also scientifically proven, that music has amazing benefits. It makes you happy, reduces depression, minimizes stress and improves health. Music can successfully provide several elevating positive aspects of mood such as excitement, vigor, and happiness. Listening to music boosts our physical health, and improves our mental well-being in some of the most astonishing ways.

Dr. Shail Gupta as a Composer and Musician

Dr. Shail Gupta uses his creative skills to compose music, to heal his patients and during his motivational talks. The same creativity is also utilized during the hair transplant procedures when he has to recreate the God-given hairline. For this especially, good, artistic skills are very important and music certainly helps. Creativity is a crucial attribute that helps in treating patients, understanding their problems and addressing their issues effectively. It is one of the easiest languages that is understood by every patient. This actually impacts the psychology of the patient positively.

An avid and prolific music composer himself, Dr. Shail Gupta is immersed in creating world music that can make a positive difference in people’s lives. As a notable humanitarian, Dr. Shail is known for supporting individuals from ailment to healing with the help of music. Skilled in numerous types of music such as Hindustani and Western Classical, Dr. Shail Gupta very skillfully amalgamates elements such as notes, genres, and music systems to create some of the most improvised music compositions. He is known to experiment successfully with a fusion of traditional instruments in conjunction with modern technologically-advanced instruments. He maintains a unique, creative style and very artfully presents counterpoints creating timbres and forms that have never been discovered before. Dr. Shail’s interest in music is to an extent that he even uses music therapy to heal his patients. Nature is all about creativity, creativity is power and it has the power to change.

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