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Music is the purest form of art, which comes from within. Music is all around us in the nature, which is so calming & has the power to take us to the inner journey. Bird sounds, the sound of wind, the sound of water, the sound of rain, the sound of insects, the sound of hollowness, the sound of emptiness & the sound of silence, they all are amazing & beautiful.

That is the reason why one feels so relaxed and happy in nature. We feel connected to our higher self, when we are listening to soulful music, we feel empowered, we feel strong, we feel motivated & we feel charged up. “OM” is a universal sound & has such a positive impact on us, which can’t be described in words. So plug yourself in and enjoy this beautiful gift which God has given to us.

Motivational Quotes

Plug yourself in with the music and enjoy beautiful gift which God has given to us.

Music should be healing. Music should uplift the soul. Music should inspire. -Hazrat Inayat Khan
Music is the balm that heals the forlorn ache of a distant star. -Don Williams
I think music in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. -Billy Joel

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