Most of the people find life tough and it becomes really difficult to maintain the correct balance. There are phases of life when people feel depressed and demotivated. This could bring a havoc in their professional and personal life. This can block the path of evolution for that individual. To get over this, people try to read inspiring & motivational literature. It definitely helps, but it becomes almost impossible for most of us to maintain that level of motivation throughout. That is the time when we need guidance & a healing touch.

Dr. Gupta is a musician, writer & singer. Most of the songs which he composes are about the beauty of life and are truly inspiring.
He uses his skills compassionately to heal & motivate his patients. We organize LIFE SEMINARS, where Dr. Shail discusses various aspects of life in detail, which help his patients to streamline their energy in a positive direction.

This enrichment is for the people who are ready to think beyond the ordinary treatments & take the opportunity to evolve as a BEING.

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