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Hair is an important part of our personality. Losing hair can have a negative impact on the overall quality of life of a person. I have been doing hair restoration surgeries for almost 2 decades now & have gathered a lot of experience during these years. It has been an interesting journey, which started with just physical transformations and now has led me to something much bigger than that, much bigger than what I had aimed for & much bigger than my expectations. Over a period of time I have understood that patients who come to me for their hair problems are keen for a physical makeover, as they strongly dislike their baldness & they start blaming baldness for all the problems in life.

But I feel that deep inside it is coming from the desire to be loved. Lack of love or rather lack of self love is the reason behind this strong urge to get the hair back. So it is not just about physical transformation, it is about a kind of spiritual awakening, for which the stepping stone is self love.

At times I have seen people are so confused about the treatments and have a lot of doubts regarding this. I think a lot has to do with the abundance of opinion on social media, which also has a huge commercial angle to it. Even more important reason for confusion is lack of trust.

That is the reason why I focus so much on educating the patient and try to understand their doubts, fears, concerns & expectations before suggesting any treatment to them. The psychological impacts of baldness are so important and have to be addressed before treating it physically to get the optimum & desired outcome.

One of the commonest reasons for baldness is fear of losing hair. Low self esteem issues also creep in and make things worse. A lot depends on just talking to the patient & make him/her relaxed. Life style changes really help esp. the diet, sleep and stress management are so important in today’s scenario. I have designed some special diet plans for my patients, which I have found very useful. Meditations, sleep hypnosis & positive affirmations also help a lot. I have made some useful meditations for this purpose, moreover we organise some seminars about lifestyle, stress management & small changes in daily life which can help a person to live more meaningful & happy life. In more than 90% of the cases these activities help a lot along with some medicines, which are given depending upon the cause of problem.

At Satya clinic we do all the hair related most advanced treatments like FUT(Follicular unit transplant), FUE(Follicular unit extraction), BHT(Body hair transplant), PRP(Platelet rich plasma), SMP (Scalp micropigmentation), Synthetic hair implant(Biofibre, Nido) etc. Hair restoration is a challenging & very exciting work, which gives immense satisfaction. I think this is a very gratifying work, because few hours effort which we put in, can change the life of a person forever. That is the reason I am so passionate about hair transplants. It is a work which needs a lot of creativity, in fact this work gives me the opportunity to bring out the creative being in myself. The fun of doing creative work is that you feel close to the creator, or else we realise that we are the creator itself.

Things to Know

Hair treatments are not just about treating the hair problem physically, but we need to follow a holistic approach for this. Hair loss has a lot of psychological aspects as well leading to sense of rejection & depression in the patient’s mind. Because of this sometimes even if a person wants to get rid of the hair problem, at the subconscious level probably they are not ready to leave that issue & the hair problem keeps serving them as an easy scapegoat.

Lack of motivation, lack of trust & lack of hope stops them from taking a correct decision for the cure of their problem. So we give them hope, we give them faith and a reason to believe that things can be changed.

As far as the treatments are concerned, we give our patients correct guidance, we understand that there are a lot of doubts and concerns in a patient’s mind which need to be addressed. We only suggest treatments which we think would be good for them, which we would have done for ourselves had we been in their situation.

We do proper diagnosis and try to find out the cause of hairloss, so that it can be treated accordingly. There are so many treatments like PRP, laser hair stimulation, FUT, FUE, BHT(Body hair transplant), Synthetic hair implant, Scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) & different combinations of these treatments to give the maximum output to the patient. These treatments are customised according to the age, gender, availability of donor, severity of disease, duration of illness, personality, expectations & thought process of the person, in an artistic way.

I would have loved to work for you, but hair transplant is a very sophisticated & passionate work. I need to give individual attention to my patients. Having centres in multiple cities on a franchise module will definitely get more money, name & fame but it won’t be good for my patients and neither good for the artist in me. I myself can’t be present with my best team members everywhere, so the work which inspired you to choose Satya clinic for your hair transplant can’t be replicated at remote centres.

Well it starts from the planning itself. Hair line designing would be the obvious answer for a lot of people. But there is something even more important than this which I believe is to be assessed and seen well before hair line. The age, personality, history of progression of disease, response to any earlier medication, general life style of the person, positivity towards life & the procedure, donor area assessment, availability of donor besides scalp, expectations of the person, long term goals & the reason why he wants to opt for hair transplant surgery are just to name a few. A lot of deep thinking and long term planning goes into this. I put myself in my patient’s shoes and then think what would I have done, had I been in that situation for myself. This leads me to the best possible solution for my patients. It also helps me to understand the needs of my patients well and my patients to understand what is going to be good for them.

Hairline designing is obviously very important. Almost 70% of the cases coming to me are repair hair transplant & most of them are unhappy with their hairlines, which look unnatural & the angles at which hair have been planted also are wrong. Most of these patients have unrealistic and unnatural expectations for their hairlines. I always spend good time with my patient to discuss this in detail. Sometimes it is difficult to make them understand this, but that’s my job. The shape of hairline & the fine treatment which has to be given to the hairline zone, the choice of grafts to be placed in the front, the angles at which grafts are planted (which varies for sides and front) are some of the important and artistic aspects of hair transplant surgery. I really love doing this as it is a kind of meditation for me, when I feel totally immersed in the moment.

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