Some men have scanty beard hair. This can happen as a result of genetic factor or due to various reasons like accidents, diseases etc. Such people are ready to take any pain and spend much money to get proper hairy appearance of their face as beards and mustaches are considered as manly signs. Facial hair transplantation is a sure solution of improper or scanty growth of hair in the beard and the moustache. The transplanted hair in the beard will look normal after a few months and shaving and shaping can be done at this stage.

Number of grafts required for beard hair transplant can vary. Generally 350-500 grafts are the optimum number of hair grafts that will be needed for the mustache, 800-1000 grafts for full beard and about 300-700 grafts are needed for only cheek beard. In some cases a second transplant will be required to increase the thickness of the beard already transplanted.
Donor hair required for carrying out beard hair transplant is taken from the back of the head under Local anesthesia. Follicular unit extraction method is generally followed for beard hair transplant.

The procedure

After administering local anesthesia, the surgeon will remove hair follicles carefully from the scalp of the patient. Using tiny instrument micro holes will be created in your beard. The harvested follicles are carefully placed in the newly created holes. In due course of time these newly planted hair will be assimilated by your body. The process of beard transplant will take only about 2 hours.


Do not touch the newly planted beard hair for several days and take care against the formation of scabs in this area. If any scab is formed, do not touch them also because it may lead to the damage of new hairs. If any itching or infection is felt, get immediate advice of your doctor. After some time all the problems will be settled and the transplanted beard will look like natural beard.These transplanted hair will merge with the existing hair and they look very natural.