Hair loss is a serious problem, which affects around 50 % of men and women around the age of 20-45. Many treatment options and medications are available for hair. Many newer procedures are introduced in the recent years to find a solution to this daunting problem. Stem cell therapy is one such method. Stem cells are progenitor cells found in human body. Embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells are the broad categories into which stem cells are generally classified.

There are three main sources for antilogous adult stem cells. They are bone marrow, adipose tissue and blood. Adult stem cells are generally used in medical therapies. Stem cells are artificially grown and differentiated into specialized cell types like muscles and nerves. Technologies for extracting stem cells from fat cells and deploying them for hair restoration are progressing.


Hair follicles contain stem cells. It has been found that replenishing the stem cells can lead to successful treatment for hair loss. This therapy is expected to stimulate already existing stem cells in the scalp and promote follicular growth of hair. These stem cells signal nearby follicles, to stimulate and replenish hair. Stem cells are directly put into the concerned area or injected intravenously. Liposuction from lower abdomen or belly under local anesthesia help to derive stem cells from adipose tissues.

Follicles of hair contain stem cells in their center. These stem cells assure a constant supply of hair cells. As the person ages, the stem cells are gradually lost leading to both male and female pattern hair losses. Stem cell therapy is a non-surgical remedy for hair loss, which inspire and allow hair to re grow. Stem cells renew themselves through cell division, sometimes after a long period of inactivity. Stem cells signals the dead hair follicles to regenerate and the new hair so formed induces the growth potential in the nearby stem cells.

Hair density increases by about 40 % by three sessions of treatment. The process may need 5-6 sessions to be conducted once in a week to 10 days. Other medication for stimulating hair growth are given to the patient during this period.