In today’s world, everybody is under so much stress and anxiety. This leads to many health issues including skin and hair related problems. We have seen that patients keep on taking different types of medicines & keep switching the doctors, but the problem is just not cured. Just taking oral & topical medicines is not going to work until & unless the root cause is taken care of.The reason for stress is lack of self-connect, which is an after effect of today’s busy lifestyle. We are so busy and lost in the external world that we hardly ever get time for ourselves. Here comes the role of meditation. Meditation is nothing but just enjoying our being. Most of the times sitting idol & going in a state of thoughtlessness is tough. So, guided meditations help the beginners.

Dr. Shail Gupta has been working on this concept for more than a decade now. He is a pioneer in this field. He makes guided meditations for his patients, which really help them to heal their being. Every individual is different and has got different belief system, which needs to be addressed. There are some specific issues which are important to that individual. So, Dr. Shail gives you a customized guided meditation that can really help you resolve your issues and evolve as a person.

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