Unwanted hair is a common problem in females,which is very irritating and troublesome. Sometimes there is a underlying hormonal imbalance which needs to be treated first and then gradually laser hair removal sittings can be taken up.
Proper consultation with diagnosis is very important to treat the underlying cause of increased hair growth.

But many times, the patients get laser hair removal done at salons and advanced franchise based clinic where they don’t even meet the dermatologist and directly start taking the laser hair removal sittings.It is really important to understand that laser hair removal is a medical term and there is reduction in hair growth rather than 100% removal.If the hormonal imbalance persists in a patient then laser hair removal won’t give any benefits.
So if a patient is getting a laser hair removal done from a franchise based centre,he/she may not get a fair treatment as the diagnosis is not made properly and outdated machines are being used.As the machines are hired for outside, so the efficacy of the machines are already compromised,due to which multiple sittings are given to the patients in the form of unlimited sittings for a year which causes laser associated complications like burn,hyperpigmentation and scarring.

So always consult a qualified Dermatologist/Dermatologist based clinic when you are looking for a laser hair removal in Delhi.
As compared to other methods like threading,waxing and plucking,laser hair removal is far ahead as it gives optimum results.Laser hair removal not only reduces the number of hair but also reduces the thickness of the hair.

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