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People come to us for physical transformations. They don’t like some or the other thing about themselves. It can be hairloss, sagging skin, wrinkles, acne scars, spots, pigmentation, obesity or what not. Because of all this the self acceptance or the self love is lost. Perhaps it won’t be too harsh to say that they go to the extent of self hatred. They start blaming their skin or hair problems for all the wrong things which are happening in their life. This becomes a trigger and every time they want to be sad or unhappy, they think about it and obviously get the desired result in the form of unhappiness.

Taking away that trigger by treating the physical ailment really helps them a big way to induce self acceptance & to open the doors of SELF LOVE. The stairs which take you down can also take you up. So self hatred actually opens the doors for self love. That is why my work as a dermatologist & hair transplant surgeon become so important, and this work is just the beginning, beginning of a new journey towards the realisation of inner self. That is why I consider myself blessed to be in this profession, where I can become instrumental in the initiation of somebody’s journey towards positivity, self love & self realisation. This also helps me to move forward on the path of my spiritual evolution.

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I work on the subconscious mind to integrate the healing of mind and soul with my treatments

Your skin is an investment and not an expense
Skin first, make up second and Smile always
Skin is beautiful thing.. Wear it well.

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