It is not unknown that Dr. Shail Gupta is a wonderful hair transplant surgeon with several successful surgeries to his credit. He holds many qualifications and possesses at least six coveted memberships with several medical institutions worldwide. He has been instrumental in restoring lives and enhancing individual confidence and self-esteem through his treatments. But that’s not the only thing Dr. Gupta does. He is much more than meets the eye….

By definition, music is an art form that catalyzes expression through instruments and lyrics. Research on music indicates that it makes you happier, improves your health, enhances performance, helps you sleep better and rids you of depression. Dr. Shail Gupta is a multi-talented, avid music composer, songwriter and lyricist who generates powerful compositions on social issues especially centered on female foeticide. His songs make a statement and create an incredible impact on people and society.

Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy

The Teacher provides spiritual energy! Just like roots provide nutrients to the flowers! - Choa Kok Sui


Popular for his life-altering therapies, Dr. Shail Gupta also practices meditation and pranic healing.

The Prana or life energy exists all around us. It is the very essential life force that drives us. As a pranic healer, Dr. Shail Gupta fully perceives the transformative power of energy and harnesses this power to turn negative outcomes into positive results. He works on the subconscious of the patient by tapping their different energy centres and rectifies all imbalances, while replenishing the body of its vital life force.

Dr. Shail Gupta is an individual who exudes positivity and propitiousness. His exuberance is a healing factor, which is instrumental in transforming people’s lives to a higher realm. People who have met him have experienced significant changes in their lives, are impressed by the metamorphoses and want to follow him. Make the most of your lives today. Reach out to Dr. Shail Gupta for the ultimate healing experience through music and meditation.