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I think we all are on the path of rediscovering ourselves, on the path of knowing who we really are. It’s a journey, life itself is a journey, where we relate ourselves to something and perhaps move along. Eventually in doing so, one day we are going to meet the real self.

I myself don’t know who I am. All I know is perhaps the qualities or things which I possess. I am a doctor, a dedicated dermatologist, a passionate hair transplant surgeon, a creative facial aesthetician, a compassionate human being, a musician, a writer who loves to raise the social issues & inner issues of our own being, a healer who wants to eliminate all the sufferings of mankind, an ordinary human being who is fighting the same inner battles like many others.

We all are on the same path of enlightenment & self realisation, which we all will achieve one day.

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You are beautiful, I just make you realise it

More than Usual


Music is a feeling of eternal bliss, that has immense power to heal. Heal yourself to reach the heights you are born to achieve.

Guided Meditation
Guided Meditation

Meditation is the only way to connect to our inner being. These meditations guide you through your spiritual journey.

motivtional speaking
Motivational speaking

Lack of motivation is perhaps the reason why we fail to achieve our dreams. These powerful words keep you motivated & charged.

Subconscious healer
Subconscious healer

The real power of writing our destiny lies in the subconscious. Working on the subconscious can change your life.


Empowering thoughts on social issues, on issues related to your daily life & your inner being expressed beautifully through the songs.


I believe that the real work of a dermatologist is to bring out the beautiful you not just physically but as a whole.

Gratitude is the biggest attribute one can have



Healing of body or bodily image

Body is the thing which everybody can relate to & a lot of people have some kind of nonacceptance about their physical attributes.

Skin & Hair treatments

Treating hairloss or giving anti-aging treatments establishes a fact that you are beautiful, which brings self acceptance & self love.

Healing of soul

The most neglected & most important part of us or may be the real us, remains thirsty & hungry.

Healing of mind

Almost all the diseases originate in mind & a weak subconscious will manifest in the form of failure, unhappiness & lack of fulfilment.

Diet, motivational talks & self realisation talks

A lot depends on what kind of diet we are feeding our body & mind with. Feeding the mind with positive stuff is really miraculous.

Music & meditation

Feed your soul with what if really wants. Music & meditation can bring the real beauty out of you.

Motivational Videos

Human is a social animal & It is so important to be able to communicate or express himself. In today’s world this expression & communication has become so easy with the current social media tools. Most of the times people have confusions & doubts about the treatments. They have issues related to the physical appearance & perhaps some self esteem issues as well. We all have so many negative emotions & they keep on piling up over a period of time. Years of repression & suppression leads to diseases, which can manifest in physical form as well as mental form. The medical treatments we do, will help you to regain your confidence & will give you a feel good sensation, which helps in bringing a more positive attitude towards life. It can help you to align yourself more in tune with the universe to achieve the potentials you are born with.

In my journey of life I have come across many highs & lows, ups & downs & all of this has helped me to evolve as a person. In this life or may be over a period of many lifetimes we acquire many believe systems which determine our thoughts, which in turn decides our destiny. If we think good, it will be good, but because of believe system we find ourselves unable to think good.




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